by Nayru

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released August 25, 2013

This album was recorded by our friend Andy. We were lucky to work with him and he was always polite and respectful to us, even when we were tough to deal with. Thank you, Andy.



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Nayru San Diego, California

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Track Name: Memories
The Anecdotes

Stored in,
His chest,
Has not graced her

Years that,
Spin backwards,
Her dried out skin

Scars etch,
The Decaying

Of loss,
Time's left,

The essence of

One final hymn rings through

Of past,
Despair and hope

I bleed like you do.
This world is ugly
to me and to you.
Guilt and despair
go hand in hand.
We're not supposed to care.

I'm free, but not from solitude,
Put your face into my arms,
I'll carry you away from disgust,
I'm here for you,
away from distrust.

Dilated pupils,

The features of,
His blood soaked face

Emotions now,
Dying in the,


Failing him and,
His idle thoughts

She's now laughing,
Slowly at him

Hoping for,
One more broken limb

And the relief,
Of her freedom

Bequeathed to her,
From his sorrow,

These elegiacs now poisoning both their souls and their existences
Track Name: Dissonant
Of a severed tendon,
That never was

Strangling elation
And sucking hope
From the marrow

Oblivion and,
Linguistics clash,
Devoid of objective
And the senses

Peeling back emotions,
Exposing the core,
Naked and ugly
Bottling aphorisms

My face is painted
with wrinkles and weaknesses.
This world has tainted
my friends, my family.
Our lies float up and crumble on us.
But I'm glad because our apathy needs
to be cleansed by friends
who just sit and breathe.

Thoughts exist,
But none take root
Mutual existence
Devoid of unity

He's still breathing
Wasting no words
The boy spares no attention

Breeds new contempt
He's not listening
Retaining empty holes
Free from weight
And importance
Their fields of vision
Crash and burn
The product of evolution
Track Name: Penumbra
Underneath the gaze of would be deities
The coils that had constricted began to loosen
How strange it was to reject
Freedom with such passion

The frequencies of poorly written
Verses were the last great anxiety
Stepping down from the platform it fell into place

The moon and the sun hit the earth
And embedded themselves in the crust
When necessities alleviated; desires
Occupied uneven segments
Track Name: Illuminations
A body,
Nature reveals itself

Circles spinning,
Lines blurring,
Visions trap us

Roman a clef
Doesn't heal
Never did
Lies in the confusion
A revelation
A walking shadow
Blinds the youth
He closed his eyes
Track Name: Our Eulogies
Caskets line the soil
Thoughts and memories fill them
When will spirits join the contents

Shatter the security
and bathe in the complexion
When did he die?
Who pulled the trigger?
His existence hasn't left

I guess,
dying is fair.
Or I guess,
Dying is unfair.

Deflate the frequencies
The architectural pondering
Rip the roots from the soil
And eradicate the pain

Guilt for hate,
sad to say
goodbye today.
Greet decay.
Day by day
light will start to shade.

Peruse reverie,
sleep heavily.

Erase the questions
Erase the answers
Erase the sentence
Immobility plagues our sleep
And robs our ambitions
O, holy angels if you're listening
Sing us to sleep and rob our intentions
Track Name: The Sky Was the Floor
Stored in the recesses of our minds
We watched and we wept
Until there were no tears left to
Grace their wrinkled faces

A flame flickers, burns, and dies
But the compulsions won't let him pass
It's always been there, the ghost
It's always been whispering
Weaving threads of obsession

This endless famine of the joys,
And the sorrows are there too,
This complexion hides them all
Unraveling the sanctuaries slowly
And burning the cathedrals quietly
Track Name: Insomnia
The mares are still dying in his sleep
Still infiltrating the most sacred of ideas
The blood has already blinded him
Everywhere he looks despondence
blankets his face

Adhesive glues affection
Voices and eyes are my protection
Veins in my arms will go to my grave
My brain won't stay the same.
Landscapes and blueprints,
planned in my mind,
will be wrinkled over time.
Childhood, senility, in-between,
can I call this my metamorphosis?

The metal chilled his flesh
It's features aren't foreign
He knew,
He saw,
He wept

Discretion laughs over the corpse
Envy swims in the blood
Process has evaporated
Track Name: Ghost Dance
Ideas writhing
Perceptions dissipating
Burn marks serve as the reminder
Truth has no measure
We just dance until we grow old
And hang our heads in sorrow
Hoping we've found an answer

I can't recall familiarity
with words and structure
to organize my tolls,
my responsibility,
regret, my chest can be powerful,
but cripples.
Communication can be corrupt.

I've said so much.
Do you think
we'll ever go back?
On top of a full glass,
there is wisdom.
Track Name: Heaven
Only here are the foundations realized
Their last words rest in the trees
And exhale through the soil

Close our eyes
and forget we understood

Only here did the comfort form
Reassurance pulsating throughout the formations
Joy nestled and grew in our breasts
False truths refused to bleed through the sky
Sleep came and bestowed it's hypnotisms
No one complained

The wind was gentle
Intoxication graced our eyes
Hours couldn't measure
Could breed no knowledge

It's raining, it's pouring,
my spirits are soaring,
then they decay, they get sent away,
and I'm back to my anger and hate.

Dreams retrace those footsteps
Never went anywhere
Beauty drew them
Nature purged us

It's raining, it's pouring,
life doesn't seem so boring.
Then your past comes to mind
and I try, and I try,
but I can't seem to unwind.

Close our eyes,
let's close our eyes
and forget we understood

Why don't my tears dry